Monday, June 4, 2012

Table Saws and Quilting!

I'll be posting up a whole bunch about my latest adventure.  This adventure involves transforming my wood shop into a quilting shop.  Not a quilting store, but a place for cutting, piecing, assembling, and quilting the quilt(s).  I'll be keeping the table saw and a scroll saw for Noah's Arks.  Plus I'll keep the carving area in one corner.
My wood shop is attached to the back of the garage, which is attached to the house.  It's large with lots of windows and french doors opening on to a patio.  I have used the shop to design, build, and finish large cabinets.  By large, I mean 8 feet tall, by 4 feet wide.  These I would sell to folks for placement in their two story great rooms.  However, of late, the weight of these pieces as well as my advancing age has conspired against me.  That's code for I'm not as strong as I used to be.  That's one reason for transforming the wood shop to a quilting shop.  The other reason is that my daughter has a long arm quilting machine that she is giving me.