Monday, August 31, 2009

Gnomey's Marshmallow Roast!

You'll have to took close, but then so will the Flower girls. There's a fire ring, some burnt wood, and two toasted marshmallows on sticks. This was a suggestion from a "comment", and a good one too. No note, just what you see. Some critter will probably eat the toasted marshmallows before the girls see them. Its been kinda hectic for the girls lately. The folks are remodeling the house. A major remodel. So the girls have been in and out, mostly staying with grand parents. Plus, Zinnia went back to school, but Dahlia is not old enough. And boy, is Dahlia mad. The first day, all the kids and their moms walked up the road to catch the school bus. A while later Dahlia came stompin back down the road. Her lower lip[ was out so far that birds coulda roosted on it.

We'll see if the girls find the fire ring, and see what they have to say.

Christmas Giveaway - Item Selected!

"Tisme's" suggestion of a MINI QUILT FRAMED WITH A CARVED GNOME ON THE FRAME is my selection for the Christmas Giveaway. While all the suggestions are great ideas, the one selected is one that I'll be sure to finish in time. But don't be surprised if I select another few to do at a future date.

What this selection means, is that "Tisme" will receive five (5) extra chances to win the giveaway. Additionally she'll receive a carved gift for her idea.

Now, off to create.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

It Had To Happen!

Sooner or later I had to carve a Gnome with a quilt. This is the first one. More will come, I am sure. This one is 3 1/2" tall including the hat. The next one will have some folds in the quilt, and maybe a different quilt design.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Red Rose Doll Quilt Completed!

The little doll quilt I started to check out my "new" feather weight machine is done. I am very happy with the FW and how it sews. I was able to take most of the pressure off the presser foot and machine quilt, with the feed dogs still uncovered. The stitches were straight and really looked fine for machine quilting. The doll quilt measures 11" x 15".
The "roses" will fray more as it is washed again.

And yes! I did forget to put a border on the quilt.

Friday, August 28, 2009

2009 Christmas Giveaway

This is the second and final announcement of a giveaway, a Christmas giveaway. I will combine Wood Carving and Quilting in one piece. This piece will be given away in time for Christmas 2009. This giveaway has a twist. Each person who leaves a comment with a description of an item that combines both Quilting and Carving, will get one (1) chance in the drawing. I will select the project to complete, and give away. Those who leave a comment and are already Followers of this blog will receive three (3) chances. Those who decide to become a follower of this blog will get two (2) chances.

However, due to continuing problems with BLOGGERS ability to keep listing the current Followers of blogs, you must tell me if you are a Follower, or have just become a Follower; just in case BLOGGER drops the names.

The persons suggestion, that I select to make will receive five (5) chances, plus a small carving. In case of ties, the earliest comment and suggestion posted will prevail.

The folks who have already left comments and suggestions are all ready in.

The comments and suggestions will be collected until August 31, 2009. The piece to make will be selected September 1, 2009.

The drawing for the giveaway will be on December 1, 2009.

Carving Giveaways OR Paint Em!

This is a photo of the end of my carving bench (which is also the computer table). I whittle often and probably whittle too fast. This is the result. I will be giving a lot of them away this fall, especially all the owls. One of our county parks has a heritage day where I usually demonstrate whittling, and give away a lot to interested kids. Most of the unpainted Santa's will go to Canada for painting and to generate charity money. But you can see what happens when one must keep ones hands busy. Thank goodness it's fun, and relaxing!

"The word "relaxing" was just corrected from the initial way in which I miss-typed it. The miss-type was "relazing". Maybe I have a new word that more accurately describes my actions.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Question For Those Who Quilt

Ever since I started making mini quilts I find myself turning the hand wheel by hand to reverse and lock in a stitch, to complete a seam right up to another, and to make other shorter more controlled seams. I even do this when using the machine to quilt.

My question is, do others do the same thing?

Since I do this my mind tells me to drill a small hole into the hand wheel and attach a "turning knob".

Anyone have any thoughts on this???

Thanks, Tom H

Red Rose Doll Quilt

I thought I would make a little rag doll quilt to get familiar with my new/old feather weight machine. This is a very simple block and quilt to make. The finished block will be 3 1/2 inches square. The quilt will be three blocks wide and 4 long; with a border and binding.
This is what the finished squares will kinda look like. They will fray more with another wash/dry cycle.
You have a glimpse of what I do now, almost. Currently I am doing the following:
a. making the red roses doll quilt,
b. making three 5-board benches for a client,
c. writing a magazine article,
d. carving gnomes, Santa's, animals, etc., carving 2 inch friendship cane segments.
e. remodeling kitchen

Monday, August 24, 2009

Carving the 5 Minute Wizard

This slide presentation is about 2 minutes long. It's a step-by-step demonstration on how to carve the 5 minute wizard. Just click on the arrow.

How about some feedback/comments on whether these slide presentations are helpful in seeing how to carve the wizard.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

70th Birthday Present

My family decided that I needed a Singer Feather Weight sewing machine more than underwear and socks. For this I am eternally grateful. My "new" Feather Weight was born on May 4, 1953, and just got a clean bill of health from the 88 year old Singer man. I took the FW to be cleaned, adjusted, and oiled. When I went to pick it up, it was not sitting with all the other machines ready to be picked up. I said to myself. "self, there must be something worn out or wrong with the machine, or it's not ready." The Singer man said, "Oh no! it's fine. We just don't leave these old Feather Weights out on the floor. It's locked up in a closet."

I thank my wife and girls for such a fine present.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Carving the 5 Minute Owl

Here's a 1 minute (60 second) slide show that shows the steps to carve the 5 minute owl. Just click on the start arrow.

Carving some Gnomes!

I started carving some 3 1/2 inch Gnomes the other day. The painted Gnome is already gone. Gifted to one who collects the little ones. I carve these from a 3/4 inch square piece of basswood.

Here's the back side of another Gnome that I am doing.

The front of the same Gnome. I use my pocket knife, and can carve one in about one hour. Course, then I have to paint it. So this is a little project, that while very much fun, is not one that you'd want to try to carve a bunch of to give away at a carving demonstration.
In the days to come I'll be carving some more of these Gnomes, and will try to remember to get photos at each significant step of the carving.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Birthday and Gnomes!

Ok! I promise to get back to quilting and carving---tomorrow. But I just cannot let the events of yesterday pass without sharing them. Yesterday was my birthday, and the flower girls brought me presents. Two great little Gnomes. They rang the door bell, and were jumping up and down when I opened the door. They burst through, yelling "Happy Birthday". Each had a little shopping bag with a wrapped Gnome in it. I guess I was a little slow in unwrapping the Gnomes, cause they were snatched out of my hands and unwrapped by the girls. FUN, FUN, FUN!
Zinnia made me the card. (Thus the balloons with a "T" from "Z". Notice the Gnome hat too.

As I read the card, I will admit to a tear in the ol' eye. But it didn't stop there. I asked the girls if they knew how old I was. They pondered it for a minute and Dahlia, the 5 year old said, "36". To that, Zinnia said, "No he's 47". Next my grand daughter piped up and burst the bubble and said, "No! he's 70". I wish I had a photo of the flower girls expressions at hearing "70 years old". After it sunk in they both said wow! that's OLD. But then the big hugs really put me over the edge. Thank you Zinnia and Dahlia. You're the best neighbors in the world.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vacation Report #2

Added a little body art the other day. Accompanied daughter for her one and only tattoo, and made it a father-daughter thing. I was worried how this tattoo of a Gnome would sit with the Flower girls. I sat them down on the porch swing and asked them if they remembered what I had tattooed on my right shoulder. They both remembered and said Noah's Ark. Which is correct. I next asked them if they know why I had a Noah's Ark tattooed on my shoulder. They thought for a minute and then said, because you like to make Noah's Arks, and carve the animals. I said. "That's is right." I then said, " If I was to get another tattoo, what do you suppose it would be?" They both, at the same time said: "A Gnome!" To that answer, their mom yelled, "You didn't!" I took off my shirt and the squealing began. The girls said, "Tom, you really do like Gnomes. You like to carve them." I said, "I sure do!"
The Noah's Ark and animals is old and has kind of faded and shows it's age. But my Whittlin Gnome is new and bright. I still have some background to add to my Gnome.

Now's your chance to leave a comment and tell me how foolish I am........

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gnomey's Latest Note!

This is the message that Gnomey has sent to the Flower girls. I am setting it up to follow the suggestion of one of the blog followers, Holee.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Vacation Report - #1

Family vacation was at Salt Fork State Park, in south eastern Ohio. We had three cabins, next to each other for one week.
Every morning daughter, grand daughter, and I took our one hour walk. We saw deer each time we went out. This particular doe was on the side of the road under an oak tree that was beginning to drop some acorns. We walked on the road and she just followed us with her eyes. Didn't want to give up any acorns. We saw lots of wild life.

This foot print was one of many under our cabin. Other foot prints were in the soft muddy ground, but this one was on the wall. What do you suppose it was? I know what my daughter thinks is was.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gnomey News Catch-up

When we left for vacation, Gnomey had lost his saw, when he was cutting wood for the winter. He asked the flower girls to be on the look out for it. When I returned from vacation there was a big envelope waiting for me inside my front door. The envelope contained Gnomey's saw and a whole bunch of "firewood". The girls had indeed found Gnomey's saw, and were worried that he was not getting enough firewood cut to last the winter. That is what the extra wood was for. Not only did the girls tell me this, but so did their mom. You see, to make sure that the girls knew that Gnomey got the saw, and the firewood they had collected; she had to sneak out and remove the saw and wood from the front of Gnomey's house and get it to me.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Tomorrow I am leaving for one week vacation with family. Cannot pass up this opportunity to continue the Gnome adventure. The note and the little saw will be given to the Flower girls mother so that she can leave the saw in the yard, and put the note in the Gnomes message box; both while I'm gone. The last time I did this, it was with Gnomey's hat that he lost when being chased by the cat. The girls found the hat and were involved for quite a few days. We'll see if this can continue. I sense that as this years school starts, the girls interest and enthusiasm will fall off. We'll just have to see.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gnomey and Flower Girls Return

Upon returning from Vacation the Flower Girls said that Gnomey hitched a ride with them. They said he went to see his friends and family, but that he found them when they were camping. I asked them if they had seen him. They said, no, but he was there because he left them a note and two little books.

My granddaughter was roller skating, and the flower girls went in to get on their skates too. As you can see the youngest prefers to skate in a tutu. Well that's what she wears most of the time. Either that or a princess outfit. A photo of note is the one where the oldest has taken all the knee and elbow protectors and rearranged them to protect her bottom. And yes there is one on the front too.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Early Birthday Present!

This little (16" x 18") quilt was made for me, by daughter (Tracy). And, yes! It's hand quilted. You see, I'm going to have change my profile this month. Profile says my next birthday will be 70. That's this month. I got this little quilt early because it will be signed around, in the border, by family members. I guess I'll have to get busy and make a bunch of little quilt wall hangers for my growing collection. Thank you Tracy!

Monday, August 3, 2009

5 Minute Penguin Painted!

Here's the little 5 Minute Penguin all painted up.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Carving The 5 Minute Penguin

Here's a couple of steps to carving the 5 minute Penguin. You can use 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch Pine or Basswood. Start with a piece that is longer than the finished Penguin. You'll need the extra length to hold on to when carving. We are carving on the corner. This means that the Penguins beak will be on a front corner. The photo is kind of a right side view. When carving the 5 minute Penguin, think SNOWMAN. The first knife cut is a deep stop cut between the head and the body (step 1). To safely make this cut, hold your knife steady and rotate the wood into the knife blade. Begin to slice up to the stop cut (step 2). Notice in step 3 that the Penguins beak is beginning to take shape. Make a small stop cut at the top of the beak. Be very careful here, or you'll cut the beak off. Next make the same type of cut to define the Penguins tail. The rest of the carving is rounding off the head and shaping the body. Use the photo as a guide. End up by making the wing cuts, the eyes and the bow tie.