Monday, August 17, 2009

Vacation Report - #1

Family vacation was at Salt Fork State Park, in south eastern Ohio. We had three cabins, next to each other for one week.
Every morning daughter, grand daughter, and I took our one hour walk. We saw deer each time we went out. This particular doe was on the side of the road under an oak tree that was beginning to drop some acorns. We walked on the road and she just followed us with her eyes. Didn't want to give up any acorns. We saw lots of wild life.

This foot print was one of many under our cabin. Other foot prints were in the soft muddy ground, but this one was on the wall. What do you suppose it was? I know what my daughter thinks is was.

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Marcia said...

It looks like a beautiful place Tom. That print is of course a gnome print ..secret code of "gnome believer present".. *grin*
It was a long week with you gone.. you were missed.