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Sunday, August 30, 2009

It Had To Happen!

Sooner or later I had to carve a Gnome with a quilt. This is the first one. More will come, I am sure. This one is 3 1/2" tall including the hat. The next one will have some folds in the quilt, and maybe a different quilt design.


virtualquilter said...

Now it has to happen that a gnome finds it's way onto a quilt!

Kaaren said...

Just like peaches and cream...a gnome and a quilt.


Holee said...

Okay,I'm sure we all want one! This is just too cute for words! When your at breakfast, start carving them and put up a sale sign..I'd be willing to give you a donation for your Senior Center Projects in exchange.

TamRock said...

So handsome!