Friday, August 28, 2009

Carving Giveaways OR Paint Em!

This is a photo of the end of my carving bench (which is also the computer table). I whittle often and probably whittle too fast. This is the result. I will be giving a lot of them away this fall, especially all the owls. One of our county parks has a heritage day where I usually demonstrate whittling, and give away a lot to interested kids. Most of the unpainted Santa's will go to Canada for painting and to generate charity money. But you can see what happens when one must keep ones hands busy. Thank goodness it's fun, and relaxing!

"The word "relaxing" was just corrected from the initial way in which I miss-typed it. The miss-type was "relazing". Maybe I have a new word that more accurately describes my actions.


lani said...

I love your carving I have my santa's out all year long i call them my extra u

Bunny said...

Oh I love them, they are all works of art. Are any of them smiling LOL> Great work.

elsie123 said...

I love visiting your blog and seeing what you have in the works. I came across another blog and thought of you immediately.
Looks like there are others who share your joy in carving Santa's!

Marcia said...

Holy Chips, Carverman! Thats alota carvings! And I thought I had a lot of unpainted carvings ready to paint... you got me beat hands down. LOL

Impressive lot you got there Tom.


TamRock said...

Oh ... my.... goodness!!!! I spy some OWLS!!! TOM! I didn't know you were dabbling in owls?!?! Be still my heart!!