Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Red Rose Doll Quilt

I thought I would make a little rag doll quilt to get familiar with my new/old feather weight machine. This is a very simple block and quilt to make. The finished block will be 3 1/2 inches square. The quilt will be three blocks wide and 4 long; with a border and binding.
This is what the finished squares will kinda look like. They will fray more with another wash/dry cycle.
You have a glimpse of what I do now, almost. Currently I am doing the following:
a. making the red roses doll quilt,
b. making three 5-board benches for a client,
c. writing a magazine article,
d. carving gnomes, Santa's, animals, etc., carving 2 inch friendship cane segments.
e. remodeling kitchen


tisme said...

And I thought you were retired!!

MackTheKnife said...

Tom, you need to get a job so you can get some rest!


Tom H said...

Some one once told me that you should always have lots to do, Cause when you run out of things to's all over!