Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vacation Report #2

Added a little body art the other day. Accompanied daughter for her one and only tattoo, and made it a father-daughter thing. I was worried how this tattoo of a Gnome would sit with the Flower girls. I sat them down on the porch swing and asked them if they remembered what I had tattooed on my right shoulder. They both remembered and said Noah's Ark. Which is correct. I next asked them if they know why I had a Noah's Ark tattooed on my shoulder. They thought for a minute and then said, because you like to make Noah's Arks, and carve the animals. I said. "That's is right." I then said, " If I was to get another tattoo, what do you suppose it would be?" They both, at the same time said: "A Gnome!" To that answer, their mom yelled, "You didn't!" I took off my shirt and the squealing began. The girls said, "Tom, you really do like Gnomes. You like to carve them." I said, "I sure do!"
The Noah's Ark and animals is old and has kind of faded and shows it's age. But my Whittlin Gnome is new and bright. I still have some background to add to my Gnome.

Now's your chance to leave a comment and tell me how foolish I am........


Marcia said...

Why am I not surprised? LOL I dont have a tat but my hubby has a few. THey look too painful for me.

I like that Noahs Ark one too.. and Mr. Gnomey does look bright and cheery.

Does it itch?


tisme said...

I don`t know if you had seen or not, but I got a sea turtle tattooed on the top of my right foot at bike week in Daytona this year. I had posted a pic on my blog.
I love your gnome!!
I am 51, I think after you are a certain age, you should do what you would like with your body!! lol

Holee said...

Tammy, I think your right. Did you know our friend Craftynorma has her eyebrows tatted on and my friend has roses on her ear lobes and wears diamonds for the center.

I think Gnomey is cool.

Sherry said...

Your body. Your money. If you want to pay someone to repeatedly poke needles in your skin...go for it!

I let 'em poke holes (one each) in my ear lobes and paid them for that privilege too...I waited until I was almost 30 to do that.

I've never wanted a tattoo though. Just not that much of a biker chick. Not like tisme! ;o)

Tom H said...

Marcia, no itchin, it just lays there like regular skin!

tisme, I 've always heard that tats on the top of the foot HURT!

Holee, I like the idea of the roses on the ear lobes.

Sherry, Not even a tiny little wild streak? Hee Hee

Donnelly said...

I don't think it is foolish at all! How perfect! Thanks for sharing with us.
Have a great day.

sweetbabies00 said...

I am not really a tattoo fan, but I love yours! I think at 71 I need a tattoo also. :)

elsie123 said...

I say, why not???? And if not now, then when? And if your skin stretches or shifts in the next 20 years, he'll just get taller and skinnier!

Anonymous said...