Monday, August 31, 2009

Christmas Giveaway - Item Selected!

"Tisme's" suggestion of a MINI QUILT FRAMED WITH A CARVED GNOME ON THE FRAME is my selection for the Christmas Giveaway. While all the suggestions are great ideas, the one selected is one that I'll be sure to finish in time. But don't be surprised if I select another few to do at a future date.

What this selection means, is that "Tisme" will receive five (5) extra chances to win the giveaway. Additionally she'll receive a carved gift for her idea.

Now, off to create.


tisme said...

I am very excited to be getting a carving of yours, and can not wait to see what you create.
I have to say, I liked my idea too.

Soukies said...

Great idea! And you will love his carvings! I was lucky enough to get a santa on a tiny cloths pin and an ornament. I love them both!

Donnelly said...

I love this idea! How cool! Can't wait to see it.
Have a great day.