Friday, July 22, 2011


Really wanted to get the girls back to whittling and carving, but it's just too dang hot.  We do the work outside on the patio.  The heat index today is supposed to be somewhere around 110 degrees.  Maybe we can do the whittling in the pool.  But the soap carving might prove to be a problem.....

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dahlia's Soap Carving

Soon on I realized that I could not begin teaching Zinnia to whittle without her little sister Dahlia learning too.  So, the "Flower" girls are both off and running.  Well not running, but whittling and carving.  I started Dahlia with some soap carving.  Carving soap involves the same knife cuts as wood carving and
whittling, but the knife does not need to be sharp.                                     

Dahlia's first project is a Polar Bear.  And I think it came out real well.  And Zinnia's Whammie Doodle and owl came out real well too.   Our next soap carving will be a PIG.  Zinnia will keep on whittling a few of the little Owls.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Long Time - But back!

Its been a while, but I am back with some current adventures with the Flower girls from next door.  Whittling and soap carving.
This is a "Whammie Doodle".  This little ol' time toy is what I have selected to start Zinnia (Flower girl neighbor) with as she learns to whittle.  Zinnie is 9 now, and has been asking me to teach her to whittle.  Zinnie already has her moms old Swiss Army knife, and is real good at putting points on sticks. 
 I decided to start Zinnie out with a good carving knife.  The knife has a 1 inch blade and seems to fit her hand just fine.  A carving glove is quite another story.  I am still trying to find a kids garden glove that I can "beef up" for her to use.  But until then (Zinnie can't wait) we'll use a combination of Vet Wrap and masking tape on the thumb and fingers.  After a bit of discussion about sharp knives and how to make a "Thumb Push" Cut to a Stop Cut, we were ready to start.  The Whammie Doodle was selected for several reasons.  It involves lots of the same simple Thumb Push cuts, can be done quickly, and results in a fun little toy.
And as you can see here, it works. 

Zinnia had a blast, and wants to learn more.  In fact as she left she asked me what time I get up in the morning.