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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dahlia's Soap Carving

Soon on I realized that I could not begin teaching Zinnia to whittle without her little sister Dahlia learning too.  So, the "Flower" girls are both off and running.  Well not running, but whittling and carving.  I started Dahlia with some soap carving.  Carving soap involves the same knife cuts as wood carving and
whittling, but the knife does not need to be sharp.                                     

Dahlia's first project is a Polar Bear.  And I think it came out real well.  And Zinnia's Whammie Doodle and owl came out real well too.   Our next soap carving will be a PIG.  Zinnia will keep on whittling a few of the little Owls.


Holee said...

That is really good! Love her smile, she is very proud of her bear!

Tom H said...

I asked her if she was going to use the soap bear in her bath...Her reply, "NO".