Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gnomey and Flower Girls Return

Upon returning from Vacation the Flower Girls said that Gnomey hitched a ride with them. They said he went to see his friends and family, but that he found them when they were camping. I asked them if they had seen him. They said, no, but he was there because he left them a note and two little books.

My granddaughter was roller skating, and the flower girls went in to get on their skates too. As you can see the youngest prefers to skate in a tutu. Well that's what she wears most of the time. Either that or a princess outfit. A photo of note is the one where the oldest has taken all the knee and elbow protectors and rearranged them to protect her bottom. And yes there is one on the front too.


Marcia said...

I'm so glad everyone made it home safe and sound! Those pictures are so precious, the girls look like they had lots of fun! I wonder if Gnomey took pictures?


Holee said...

Now how you they not believe when you were no where around and they got a note and books? lol...cute!