Friday, August 28, 2009

2009 Christmas Giveaway

This is the second and final announcement of a giveaway, a Christmas giveaway. I will combine Wood Carving and Quilting in one piece. This piece will be given away in time for Christmas 2009. This giveaway has a twist. Each person who leaves a comment with a description of an item that combines both Quilting and Carving, will get one (1) chance in the drawing. I will select the project to complete, and give away. Those who leave a comment and are already Followers of this blog will receive three (3) chances. Those who decide to become a follower of this blog will get two (2) chances.

However, due to continuing problems with BLOGGERS ability to keep listing the current Followers of blogs, you must tell me if you are a Follower, or have just become a Follower; just in case BLOGGER drops the names.

The persons suggestion, that I select to make will receive five (5) chances, plus a small carving. In case of ties, the earliest comment and suggestion posted will prevail.

The folks who have already left comments and suggestions are all ready in.

The comments and suggestions will be collected until August 31, 2009. The piece to make will be selected September 1, 2009.

The drawing for the giveaway will be on December 1, 2009.


Lisa said...

I'm a follower.


Soukies said...

I am a follower! And faithful reader of the gnome adventure!

tisme said...

I was not a follower until today.
But you have been on my sidebar for quite awhile now.
Can`t wait to see what you decide to make.

TamRock said...

Well, you know that I am a faithful fan(atic) and follower -and I have a wishlist item... *ahem* I mean a suggestion for a project teeheee...

TamRock said...

okay... thoughts gathered: You KNOW I love the gnomes and wizards.

Wizard + quilted wizard robe = AWESOME!!!
I had a vision of robes in 'Van Gogh Starry Night' hues and gold/silver swirling embroidery accents.

fabulous, right?!?

Tom H said...

Wow! am I ever getting some good ideas! Thanks Tam Rock, and all others.

Marcia said...

Hi Tom, I've been tryig to become a follower. I hope today I figured it out right. I've loved following gnomies adventures.

For an idea for your giveaway how about a quilted gnome hat on a six inch bust of a gnome?

Marcia from Minnesota

Tom H said...

Welcome Marcia,
A 6" Gnome bust! That's enormus. LOL. And you are the Marcia from Minn. that I know arn't you??

That's a great idea, even if I would scale it down a wee bit.

Egater said...

I'm a follower.
Idea is great to combine wood and Quilt and I cnt wait to see result