Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gnomey News Catch-up

When we left for vacation, Gnomey had lost his saw, when he was cutting wood for the winter. He asked the flower girls to be on the look out for it. When I returned from vacation there was a big envelope waiting for me inside my front door. The envelope contained Gnomey's saw and a whole bunch of "firewood". The girls had indeed found Gnomey's saw, and were worried that he was not getting enough firewood cut to last the winter. That is what the extra wood was for. Not only did the girls tell me this, but so did their mom. You see, to make sure that the girls knew that Gnomey got the saw, and the firewood they had collected; she had to sneak out and remove the saw and wood from the front of Gnomey's house and get it to me.


Holee said...

Oh boy, I couldn't let this one go. I'd build a fire pit with some stones, put a mini marshmello on a twig and burn some of that wood for the fire pit. The girls would find that Gnomey had himself a marshmello roast one night!

Tom H said...

Oh Holee! You got some great ideas, thanks

Marcia said...

I love that idea too Holee! How fun it would be to see the flower girls faces when they come across that scene.

Hey Tom..where did you find that saw?


Tom H said...

Saw was purchased for 10 cents at a local flea market.