Friday, August 21, 2009

Birthday and Gnomes!

Ok! I promise to get back to quilting and carving---tomorrow. But I just cannot let the events of yesterday pass without sharing them. Yesterday was my birthday, and the flower girls brought me presents. Two great little Gnomes. They rang the door bell, and were jumping up and down when I opened the door. They burst through, yelling "Happy Birthday". Each had a little shopping bag with a wrapped Gnome in it. I guess I was a little slow in unwrapping the Gnomes, cause they were snatched out of my hands and unwrapped by the girls. FUN, FUN, FUN!
Zinnia made me the card. (Thus the balloons with a "T" from "Z". Notice the Gnome hat too.

As I read the card, I will admit to a tear in the ol' eye. But it didn't stop there. I asked the girls if they knew how old I was. They pondered it for a minute and Dahlia, the 5 year old said, "36". To that, Zinnia said, "No he's 47". Next my grand daughter piped up and burst the bubble and said, "No! he's 70". I wish I had a photo of the flower girls expressions at hearing "70 years old". After it sunk in they both said wow! that's OLD. But then the big hugs really put me over the edge. Thank you Zinnia and Dahlia. You're the best neighbors in the world.


Holee said...

Happy Birthday! The gifts were perfect coming from the flower girls! I'm sure to them, 70 sounds like forever old!

Kaaren said...

Happy birthday, Tom...and many, many more.

Thanks for the stories. They always brighten my day.

Gotta love those sisters!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, and may there be many more.
I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with all the news from your neighbourhood after being away for a few weeks.
Judy B

diy said...

The time you spend with youngsters is time well spent. You've beat me to it, January before I hit 70.