Friday, August 7, 2009


Tomorrow I am leaving for one week vacation with family. Cannot pass up this opportunity to continue the Gnome adventure. The note and the little saw will be given to the Flower girls mother so that she can leave the saw in the yard, and put the note in the Gnomes message box; both while I'm gone. The last time I did this, it was with Gnomey's hat that he lost when being chased by the cat. The girls found the hat and were involved for quite a few days. We'll see if this can continue. I sense that as this years school starts, the girls interest and enthusiasm will fall off. We'll just have to see.


Holee said...

How cute! I have some tiny tools but never saw a saw that small.

I hope they don't forget about Gnomey..I'll be lost if the story stops!

Holee said...

OH, forgot...Enjoy the vacation!