Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Question For Those Who Quilt

Ever since I started making mini quilts I find myself turning the hand wheel by hand to reverse and lock in a stitch, to complete a seam right up to another, and to make other shorter more controlled seams. I even do this when using the machine to quilt.

My question is, do others do the same thing?

Since I do this my mind tells me to drill a small hole into the hand wheel and attach a "turning knob".

Anyone have any thoughts on this???

Thanks, Tom H


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great idea! I still do it on one of my machines.
After 5 years, I have learnt to trust the foot control of the newest one, which is as it should be, as I chose the machine because they promised me you could do one stitch at a time using just the foot control!
Always enjoy reading your blog. Thank you.
Judy B

Holee said...

I just let the machine do it. If it does 2 or 3..oh well.

Not Lucy said...

I wouldn't drill a hole in the wheel though you can buy hand crank sewing machines and maybe the wheel would be interchangeable - I will have to ask my husband since we have one and he works on older Singers, etc. I usually just go slow when I am machine quilting and then lift the presser foot to adjust where the needle will go for that last stitch.

Chris said...

I do the same, Tom and I think your idea is great. Some kind of crank would sure be better for my stiff old hands.

Tom H said...

Thanks for the comments. I don't think I'll drill a hole through the hand wheel, but I might try to glue some sort of knob on to it. One that I can remove if necessary.

"Not Lucy" whats husband have to say about it?