Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back To Whittling & Carving With The Girls

The weather has cooled off a bit and the girls are back at learning some new skills.  The first photo shows Zinnia with her carving knife working on a little Penguin.  She's wearing her Kevlar carving glove, as she always does.

In this photo Zinnia is finishing up another 5 minute Owl.

I couldn't resist adding this photo of Zinnia.  I'd say she is concentrating.

Here's what Zinnia has completed so far.  This after three 20 minute sessions.

Now it's Dahlia's turn!

Dahlia is carving soap.  We thought she was a wee bit young to handle a razor sharp carving knife.  She never complained about her older sister being allowed to use a real knife.  I like to think it's because she is using a real knife instead of a plastic knife or worse yet a Popsicle stick.  However Dahlia's knife has a dull blade - it just cannot cut her.

I hope you can recognize that Dahlia has carved a Bear.  In fact she said it's a Grizzly Bear.  I think she's happy with her results.


tisme said...

I love seeing the girls working on their carvings. I think it is great that you share your love for carving with them. So many of the so called old crafts are being lost in this generation. :) Good for you!

Holee said...

I was thinking a small basket of hand carved soaps would make a great teacher gift! The photo's are great of the girls.

Tom H said...

I think I am having more fun than the girls.

Not Lucy said...

You are a pretty awesome neighbor! It is fun teaching kids your craft. I worked with the kids at our church's daycare a couple weeks ago helping them make quilt blocks and next week we will be helping them tie the quilt. I think they will be pleased with the result! I know I am. We are hoping to start a weekly program with the kids doing crafts, etc.