Sunday, January 8, 2012

Update - Flower Girls

Thought it was time for an update.  Some remember the ongoing events that I posted, concerning my neighbors (Flower Girls), and the Gnomes.  I haven't been posting anything about Gnomey and the girls for many moons.  As the girls got older I came to think that they no longer believed, and that they were kinda going along just "for me".  You know, kids do grow up.  But every now and then The girls say or do something that leads me to believe that there might be a small part of them that still believe in the Gnomes.  Maybe we'll have to contrive a test of sorts.
Mean while I started teaching the girls to carve.


Holee said...

Well, I'm sort of grown up...and I believe. Guess I miss the goings on and want them to not grow up.

suz said...

We never really want them to grow up, not the Flower Girls, and not our own kids or grandkids. But they do, and your lucky neighbors will have some wonderful and unique memmories to look back on.