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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quilt Class Raffle Quilt

The quilt class that I co-teach makes several group quilts each class cycle.  These group quilts are raffled off to benefit the Senior Center.  This is my classes latest raffle quilt.  It's a king size.


Holee said...

What a great Quilt! You all should be proud of how far they all have come in quilt making.

Tom H said...

Holee, It's a great group. They all seem to like one another and help each other. And most of them have become dang good quilters. And yes, I am proud of them. The last raffle quilt brought in $2800 for the Senior Center Programs.

Holee said...

Anyone would be lucky to have that huge quilt on their bed. It would make a wonderful wedding gift. Just give a group of seniors something to do and they usually become good workers, learners and bond together. (Of course they need a good teachers too!)