Monday, September 23, 2013

Lesson #3290 - Bent needle!

For a while I thought I was loosing it.  Started putting the binding on a new quilt.  I machine sew one side and use a blind stitch on the other.  When it's done correctly one never sees the stitch.  Well, everything started out fine.  Good progress was being made.  Then I couldn't sew a stitch without the needle going all the way through to the quilt top.  I thought I'd had a stroke or something.  Further checking, and I found that the needle was bent.  This meant that sometimes as a made a stitch the needle was pointed up and sometimes down.  When pointed down, the needle went too deep.....And the needle was not bent all that much....just a wee bit.  New needle, no problem!  Thus the 3290 lesson that I learned this year....

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