Thursday, December 26, 2013

Oh Goodie Lots!

My quiltin daughter, Tracy has set out to make a whole bunch of mini quilts.  Me, I have set out to whittle a whole bunch of Santa ornaments for Christmas 2014.  Since I'm retired and can pick and choose my whittlin time; I've got a huge advantage of folks who have to work for a living.  So I know I'll meet my goals.  I start every day whittling (carve with only a knife) with my morning coffee.  I whittle at least one Santa ornament or pin each day of the year.

Here's my daughters start:
The largest of these is about 16 x 16 inches.
Here's my start: Whittled on December 25th and 26th.
I'll end up with about 360 of these, each one different.  Most of these whittlings will be finished natural or darkened a wee bit, but some will be painted.


Sally in WA said...

Do you sell those Santa carvings, Tom?

Tom H said...

Sally, Mostly give em away, but do sell some leftovers at Christmas.

Tom H