Saturday, October 23, 2010

Holiday Season - Noah's Ark's

Here's half of the Noah's Ark's that I have finished for the 2010 Holiday season. Each Ark averages 12 pairs of animals. The larger Ark's have more, small less. But all and all it means that I have to whittle over 600 animals to fill the Ark's. Maybe next year I'll scale back. Several of these Ark's are already spoken for (buyers). The smallest Ark has my pocket knife placed in front of it for a size comparison.
I am doing some Quilting too, along with co-teaching a weekly quilting class. I am presently providing one on one assistance for brand new quilters, along with keeping the older machines running properly.

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diy said...

Like you Tom I like two do as much as I can
Or I'm able to do. You and others are a source of example to me. My camera connection has disappeared down a black hole, one of a few in Casa Archibald I should be uploading a few photos of wood I've spoiled next week.