Saturday, October 2, 2010

How Long Does It Take?

I have been whittling and carving for right at 5 years. I remember my very first attempts at using a carving knife, and asking "how long does it take to learn to carve"? Silly question! But the answer has stuck with me. An experienced carver told me, "carve 1000 faces and you'll begin to get there".

Now this brings me to where I am now. In my marriage contract it states that my wife does not do breakfast. I love breakfast! So, I drive a bit down the road and eat my breakfast in a local diner. I do this five days each week. While having my coffee I carve two Santa or Gnome heads for pins or tree ornaments. It has occurred to me that I've carved a lot of Santa and Gnome heads, during these past five years.

(5 days per week) X (2 Santa/Gnome heads) = 10 carved heads per week
(52 weeks per year) X (10 Santa/Gnome heads) = 520 carved heads per year
(520 Santa/Gnome heads per year) X (5 years) = 2600 carved heads.

But lets say I sluffed off and missed a few days. Lets round the final number to 2000 carved Santa and Gnome heads done in the past 5 years.

Hum! I'm not there yet. But then again he said, "carve 1000 heads and you'll BEGIN to get there.

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Tracy said...

you're there....just wait till I take a picture of my Santa Christmas tree. I think I own about 1/4 of those Santa ornaments! :)And the funny thing is...when a friend sees them and wants one of them,I have a hard time giving them up because each one really is unique and special.