Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crate Training For Children - Really!

This is not Quilting nor Carving related, but it's fun!
One of the fellows that I eat breakfast with has a really neat 12 year old boy. However, being like most 12 year old boys, he ocassionaly agrivates his dad. His dad has been sharing some of his concerns with us fellows. Well one day a few weeks ago he brought his son to breakfast with him due to a snow day at school. One of the guys asked the son, "what's this I hear about your dad and you"? The young boy looked up to his dad and asked, " can I say the word"? Dad answered, "OK"! The boy answered by stating, "dad said he'd whip my ass if I didn't straighten up". After most of us snorted coffee out our noses, and stopped laughing, someone mentioned how lucky he was that was all his dad did. Someone else asked how much the boy weighed. The lad responded 70 pounds. The fellow next said that his dog weighed 85 pounds, and whenever he screwed up he locked him in a cage/crate, to learn a lesson. He went on to say that kids could be put into a crate/cage. Well at this the young lad said, "no way, that's against the law". I piped up that back when my kids were his age we were allowed to "crate" them to teach them a lesson. He said, "no way", but I think he was beginning to wonder.

The next day I give this photo and the Permit to crate a child to the dad to show his son. I'd say the boy may have some serious doubts now. In fact his dad says his son has the beginnings of a new attitude. (If you click on the permit, you can read it)


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