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Sunday, February 27, 2011


When the Flower Girls came over to get us to go to the movie they brought me a present - a table place mat. Will I use it? You bet I will.

The Flower Girls (Zinnia and Dahlia), their dad, my wife and I all went to see GNOMEO AND JULIET in 3D yet. An exciting afternoon. After all, the last movie I went to was Dances With Wolves or something like that. Its been a while. And believe me, the "sticker shock" at the costs was extreme. The tickets were $57, with the senior discount. The flower Girls dad paid for those, since we were their "Date". I bought the popcorn. Lets just say that I could have filled up the gas tank on the van for what the popcorn cost. But it was worth it. The movie was in 3D and it was fun. Fun even though it was basically a kid movie. Near the end my wife must have got something in her eye, as she had her hankie out, and using it. It was also a great success, because the youngest of the Flower Girls stayed awake for the whole movie. Yep! a fun afternoon.


Holee said...

That's so much fun, and a nice memory for you all! I knew it was 3D as my grandkids told me. Your one up on me, I've never seen a 3D movie!

elsie123 said...

I loved Gnomeo and Juliet! I don't go to many movies, but this one caught my eye, and I'm glad it did. And how perfect for you to go with your neighbors!

Lani said...

I loved this movie went wit my have u been?