Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Carving Cleanup!

Our condo has a balcony looking out over the gulf. This has become my carving area when it's warm enough. There's quite a bit of wind that comes in off the gulf, so the wood chips might have become a problem. I did not want them blowing off the balcony into/onto other folks balconies, or anywhere for that matter. We also eat our lunch on the balcony too. One day the wind blew some potato chip crumbs off the table onto the deck. I noticed that as soon as we went inside, some sparrows flew in and took away the potato chip crumbs.

Light bulb goes off inside head! I wonder if the sparrows would swoop in and take away the wood chips too. This I had to try. I felt guilty watching the sparrows flock in and in quite a frenzy remove the wood chips, thinking they were food. The sparrows did this for several days, then must have figured out what was happening. Now, if I leave just a few chips they'll clean them up for me. But not a big mess.