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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Strangest So Far!

This is not quilting or carving! But it was the strangest happening that I've seen on vacation in Florida - so far. While sitting on the balcony of the condo carving, my wife said yesh there's a traffic jam of strollers coming down the bike path. I looked up and said, "look! it's synchronized strollers". Just then they all pulled a right hand turn off the bike path and parked the strollers against the fence. They commenced to pull out bungee cords and hook them on to the fence. Next, on the count, they started arm exercises. After about 5 minutes they packed up and off they went down the bike path.
15 minutes later they came back. This time they started jumping jacks. Before I could grab the camera they were back at the bungee cords. Like I said; the strangest so far. I got three weeks to go, so I'm sure this will be topped.


Holee said...

Just stopping in to see what's going on. Wow, summer in Fl! How lucky and all those babies were far enough away that you didn't hear all the crying! lol

lani said...

buggy boot camp i say