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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Nominate Self for Friends of Dogs Award!

I should be nominating myself for an award. It's been two weeks in Florida at the beach, and I have not been the cause of one little yappy-crappy dogs disappearance. Although I have fantasized about ways to deal with the problem. Oh! you say "what problem"? Here's a few:

1. The vast number of little dogs,
2. The large number of little dogs lacking in training.
3. Dogs pooping everywhere and people leaning over picking up poop.
4. The pervasive smell of dog urine and poop, all the time and everywhere.
5. People don't pick up poop in the dark.
6. Lazy , illiterate people walk their little dogs after dark.

You get the idea...

In my mind I am working out the design details of a system to perhaps begin to control the little dog situation. I am working up plans for a paintball gun that shoots "snausages" laced with a sleeping drug. The "snausages" would be for the little dogs. I'm working on something for the little dog owners.


Sherry said...

LOL Sam and I have seen so many dogs unintentionally mistreated by their owners while RVing. Many are left unattended in hot RVs in sweltering heat. We are petless, except for each other. ;o)

Sam and his previous wife, and their kids, were missionaries in Zaire. On the way, they stopped off in Brussels for language school. Sam said the city was beautiful, but stank because of dogs doing their do in the parks...and it was not picked up...ever.

diy said...

Got to agree with you Tom. Look at the dog its a reflection of the owner, regardless of size.
Those little mock dogs , why folk want them damed if I know.
Now a Dalmatian thats a real dog.
Jimmee's 40 kilo and gets charged at these little, things, as the bark hysterically. He's too kind, although he has my permission to consume them, he merely looks at me disgustedly. The normal excuse, "Oh "IT" got bit by a big dog". Really I wonder why!

diy said...

Only a suggestion, a kid's water gun is a great weapon. Not fatal, no licence, and, them little IT's run from a good jet of water in the face, trust me it works.