Friday, April 23, 2010

Flower Girls Return Gnomey's Hat!

The Flower Girls returned Gnomey's hat, after finding it stuck in the trampolines side net. I guess they thought that since Gnomey hand wrote the note, that he may need an eraser. I also noticed that they had spruced up around Gnomey's door. They had left some new sprouts, saying that they may be flowers. One of the Flower Girls, exclaimed, "don't pull them out. Mom's already POISONED the dandelions". I told her she could pick my dandelions, as I won't poison the ones in my yard.

1 comment:

Holee said...

It looks to me like "someone" had to climb inside to help Gomey's hat get in the net??? Tell me Tom, did you give it a try? Maybe 1or 2 I can just see you crawling across the mat! Even I would have had to give it a little wiggle or two.