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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I told the Flower girls to be sure to keep the door to their trampoline zipped up, or critters might get in at night and start bouncing. This is evidence that Gnomey sneaked in at night. And by the looks of things might have bounced a wee bit too much.
Yesterday evening the girls came running up to our house, with the hat. I was at a wood carvers meeting so my wife told me of the excitement. Both were out of breath, and Dahlia was most excited. She said, " Gnomey was bouncing, and has hat got stuck in the side of the trampoline". Zinnia explained and demonstrated how Gnomey must have bounced so high and had his head to the side, when his hat got stuck. They wanted to know what they should do with the hat. My wife just told them to put it in Gnomeys mailbox.....We'll see!

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