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Monday, April 19, 2010

Johnny Appleseed Woodcarving Show

The Johnny Appleseed Woodcarving Show was held in Mansfield Ohio this past weekend. This is a very well run woodcarving show that attracts many great carvers, as participants/exhibitors as well as folks to see some great woodcarvings. While the attendance of folks to look and see might have been down this year, I did well in selling some smaller stuff. This first photo is an example of some ornaments and and pins that I displayed.
Here's some more of my miniatures. I decided to concentrate on Gnomes this year. Maybe I'm trying to generate some more interest in the Gnomes and the fun they can bring into ones life.

Here's a photo of my table. I sold a Noah's Ark and a whole lot of Gnomes and small Santa ornaments and ear rings.

Here's an example of why I said some great carvings at this show. That blue ribbon says "Best of Show". This is a carving by, Ron Allinger, Quincy, Ohio.

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Hal in Seattle said...

Looks like a great show, I like the way you displayed everything and glad things sold well. Hows Ol Thomp doing? getting better i hope?

Hal in Seattle