Monday, August 30, 2010

New Skills!

In addition to my nurse Ratched routine, there is a whole new skill set having to do with the everyday activities of managing a house. Now I realize that most women will laugh at my plight with this new skill set. But you see, I have been a "kept man" for nearly 50 years. In the past ten days I have had to learn to do the following activities. Maybe I haven't learned, but I have had to do them, never the less.

a. Sort light from dark stuff to wash. Sounds easy. Sounds straight forward. Not so! There seems to be shades of gray (or any other color). If not mastered, pink underwear may result.

b. Load the washer. Simple! Well, what if you try to do more than you should. Don't ask me how I figured that one out.

c. Set the controls. Hot or Cold? Light load, normal, or heavy load. I did find out that the "heavy load" setting will not compensate for cramming all the towels and levis, and bathroom rug into the washer.

d. Add the soap. Everything is fine here, until I discover that there are at least three kinds of soap. God, I hope I picked the right one. What ever happened to the boxes of regular soap? Now it's all liquid (at least at my house).

e. Load the dryer. This proved the easiest thing. That is until after the load was dried, when I found out I should have pulled some stuff and put them on the line to dry. Something about"delicates".

f. Unload the dryer. There again, this should be simple. I did not know that you must unload the dryer as soon as it quits its cycle. Never, never let the dried clothes sit in the dryer.

g. Fold the laundry. Not so simple, when there is a right way and a wrong way to fold.

If I can get some rest, I'll go into the other skills I'm learning. Consulting on meals, shopping and the whole area of coupons, cleaning, bed changing, putting toilet paper rolls on the roller, etc, etc.


Marcia said...

I needed that chuckle today. After my hubby's back surgeries and having nothing to do..he took over the laundry dept. Then he got to pick out his own washer/dryer set and its all his..he panics when I go near them. So reading your story.. I feel your pain.. theres waaaay to many options on those machines. Dont forget to clean the dryer screen.... its hidden on it somewhere.

Thanks again for the chuckle.


Tom H said...

I just went down and checked the screen. A whole handful of lint.
Thanks Marci