Sunday, August 22, 2010

Slight Delay in Postings

Some may have noticed that there has been a delay in new postings. There is a reason. I have been distracted from the normal day to day activities that some times become the basis for my blog postings. I have assumed the role of "Nurse Ratched" here at home. My wife had total hip replacement surgery on Wednesday August 18, and is recovering here at home. As amazing as this surgery is, it still limits ones mobility for a while. It means that I have new responsibilities, and a new role as "coach". One one hand, I have available a whole new area of posting possibilities. While, on the other hand, my allotment of time has been altered. One of the "Flower Girls", has been over to visit, and the other will be here any moment now. Perhaps out of these visits I'll have something of interest to report.


Ducky said...

Just watch the angles of her leg. Most hips take pretty well. If she has the wedge pillow, be sure and use it. Any pigeon toe should be avoided. I work in a healthcare facility (nursing home) and see hips and knees on 80 years old residents that are newer than me all the time. They're really neat once you think about how far we've come.

Holee said...

What a brave lady! I've avoided the conversation about hips out of fear.

Prayers for her and her "nurse in training"

Tom H said...

Ducky,this whole hip replacement thing is amazing to me. It's also amazing that my wife is so pain free, and with only minimum meds. Shoot she even has forgotteb to take her meds a few times. And yes Holee, she is brave and pretty tough too.