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Monday, February 4, 2013

Carving To Quilting

Am making the transition from pretty much full time wood carving to a bit of quilting.  Remodeled kitchen now needs some color coordinated place mats.  Been so long since I've used the Featherweight, that some gremlins got into it and messed up the thread tension.  Easy to fix on this machine.

The finished place mats will have 1 1/2 inch squares, and have a border of 2 inches; including the binding.  I plan to use a very thin batting plus a back, and machine quilt them with the Featherweight.  The colors and design were my wife's idea, but I go along with it.  I like the simple look.  I did not like it when I found out that I have to make eight of them.


Holee said...

You're better then me. 4 always seems like a lot so I make them like pillow cases and just stitch 2 rows around the edge...good enough for something that will end up with gravy on it!

Tom H said...

I like your thinking Holee!