Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pins, Pins, Pins!

Several years ago I watched as a young Amish woman was putting some final touches to a large quilt that was made up of 100's of small squares and triangles.  I looked real close and could find no corners of the pieces that did not meet another corner perfectly.  I asked how she did this quilt.  She said that she pieced it with a treadle machine (Singer).  I made some comment about her secret to getting every pieced corner to match up.  Her answer,  "just pin the snot out of it".

Recently,  at a quilting class at the senior center, I noticed that every woman that was sewing strips together on a machine, had matched the strips and the pieces and kept them in place with a pin.  The pins were placed in the seams of the two strips.
Next, as I observed, they placed the strips on the machines and began sewing a 1/4 inch seam.  When they came to the pins, instead of pulling them out, they sewed right over the top of them.  After the two strip were sewed together, they removed the pins and had each corner of the stripped squares matching perfectly.
I was always told to removed the pins before you ran them through the needle.  I was under the impression that if you sewed over the pins and the needle struck one of the pins that you could damage the machine or at least break a needle.
Any comments?????


Not Lucy said...

If you 'drive' over the pins you can indeed break a needle. When the needle breaks pieces can fly out and hit you in the face so better to not go over the pins. On older machines you probably won't hurt the machine but I wouldn't count on it. My mom taught me to always take out the pins.

Tom H said...

Me Too! I use old Feather Weights, and even though they are very sturdy, I would try sewing over the pins.

Anonymous said...

I slow down and hand crank the stiches nearest the pin so it can stay.
If you take out the pin do so with the machine stopped and the needle down.

Holee said...

I do the same...hand crank over the pins. Makes a nice join and much easier to remove all the pins at once.