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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Summer Quilt Finally Getting Finished.

This "summer quilt" measures 90 inches by 90 inches.  It is made of 30's look fabric, with lots of white.  The binding is from the same 30's fabric as the quilt, and is almost half way done.  360 inches is a lot on hand work - for me.  But I do like the look of this quilt.  Reminds me of the old quilts that I grew up with.
Since I'm still helping teach a quilting class at the senior center, I have to make a quilt every now and then just to show the new ladies that I can.  Little story about this.  This just happened last week.  The class just enrolled a new member, and she was very suspicious of a male being able to sew and make a quilt.  In fact, I don't think she thought I could.  After I showed her how to assemble her squares so that the corners matched, and how to make up her binding and attach it she must have rethought her position.  I overheard her talking to herself as she sewed.  This is what I heard:  "I can't believe it! a man just showed me how to sew.  Wait till I tell Mary, she won't believe it either".


Holee said...

That's turning out beautiful. Remember when you said you have to get better to trade with me...well I think you have gotten better! Soooo Tom, I sent you mine...cough, time you do a demo...maybe?? Now that I have a pretty good sewing space again I could use another mini to hang up! (grinning)

Tom H said...

You're on Holee! I'm leaving for a month in Florida, in a few days; but when I return I'll do a mini for you....