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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bunch of Gnomes

Just a bunch of little 1 inch to 2 inch Gnomes in the makin. These little fellas are sure quick and fun to do. And the best part of all is the smile they bring to kids faces when you give them one....

Hope you all don't get tired of em, cause I sure don't.


Marcia said...

I dont ever get tired of seeing your Gnomes Tom. Matter of fact I was thinking of you today.. thinking on if you could make buttons out of those 1 inch gnomes. Drill the tiny holes between arm and body and then a small channel across belly for thread to go across so it looks like his belt? Gnomes always have those knap sack type bags with them.. sew up a few of those simple bags and use a gnome button?

Keep em coming!!


Tom H said...

Somethin to think about Marcia. Thanks for your continued support and interest.

diy said...

If your carving them I'm interested.