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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Visiting Critters!

Just a few minutes ago we had some visitors on the back patio - skunks! My camera was all packed away, so no photos. But the best was a story told by the Flower girls mom, while we were watching a skunk nose around on the patio. The Flower girls family has two cats. One cat is allowed in the house, the other (the big gray male) is not. However, the big gray cat doesn't have it so bad outside. After the Flower girls made such a stink about him having to stay outside, their dad made a nice little dog house (opps - cat house)for it. The cat house has a large heating pad in it, as well as an insulated curtain for a door. Last night, during a snow storm the big gray cat was laying outside of his house, with the snow beginning to drift over him. An investigation showed that the cat was very much alive. So the mom tried to talk him into his "cat house". Didn't work, so she tried to push him in. The big gray cat put up quite a fight, and would not go in the house. Mom then remembered that another cat had shown up recently, and thought that cat may have taken up residence in the heated cat house. This "stranger" cat was not really a stray, but one that had been "dropped" off out in the country; and was very friendly. Well the Flower girls mom commenced to get down and pull the curtain aside to see if the "dropped off" cat was in there. Yep! it was in there all right - or so she thought. She reached in to grab the "dropped off" cat, pulled out a Raccoon. It's a good thing the raccoon was half hibernating. Soon there after the big gray cat reclaimed his heated cat house. Now the mom and the Flower girls feel sorry for the raccoon. Good thing I'm leaving for Florida the first thing in the morning; cause the girls would ask me to make a Raccoon house for sure.

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lani said...

run tom run hey enjoy florida