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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Evolution of A Carved Gnome!

In the last posting it was suggested that I post a pattern and maybe do a video of carving the Little Gnomes. I'll do this for now, since I am buried in work at the moment. It just dawned on me that I have signed up for several carving shows this spring, and have given lots of my carvings away. So I have to get to caring or I'll have nothing to show....

The bottom row of Gnomes are the way I usually start carving a series of things. The middle row is usually the second carving of the items. Notice that the second row is smaller than the bottom row. Finally, my mind must say, "you can go smaller than that". The top row is about as small as I care to go. The middle row, however, may be the best size for me.

I start with a sketch on paper. Refine the sketch, and then cut it out. Next I merely trace the Gnome onto a piece wood, using the pattern. On these small pieces I don't cut out both "planes", just the profile.

1 comment:

Terry Marker said...

Thanks Tom, that was just what I needed. I'll see what I can do now.