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Monday, July 22, 2013

Intervention Dream!

This is too funny not to post.  You all now know why I haven't posted any thing lately.  I am in the process of kind of converting my wood shop into a quilting studio. with a long arm quilter as the main feature.  This morning my wife told me that she had a dream about my wood shop last night.  In her dream all of my buddies had stopped by and staged an intervention, to convince me not to convert the wood shop to a quilting studio.  She went on to say that her only concern was, what was she going to feed them all.  I asked her if my buddies were successful.   She replied, "I don't know, I woke up."

I am, however putting together a step-by-step on whittling a pair of Christmas earrings....This will be up soon.


Holee said...

I think that dream is saying something. Like I said, you need to extend that work shop! Two wonderful crafts and you shouldn't have to pick one!

Tom H said...

Oh,Hollee not going to pick one over the other. I'll make time for both......