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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Voyager 17 Quilting stitches

Those who have set up, adjusted, and used a long arm quilting machine will understand when I say that I am happy to achieve this much on this machine.  This longarm quilter has been in storage in a garage for a number of years.  The parts were not covered and various spiders and rodents regularly visited.  And as I remember, it was always a tempermental machine.  After cleaning, lubricating, reassembling, and adjusting the system it's operational.  What remains is for me to spend lots of time practicing and getting to know this machine.  Here's a sample of what I am so happy about.  The print side is the top, and the plain side the bottom.

The stitches are there!  I'll next load some plain dark fabric so the top stitches will stand out.

1 comment:

Holee said...

Storage is not good for anything, even when covered. You did great! The stitches look good on both sides..Now for the learning to begin!