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Monday, July 8, 2013

Woodshop transition to Quilt Studio

This job has become more work than I thought it would be.   You see, woodworkers are a lot like quilters.  Both keep and build a stash of materials.  The real difference is that wood and scraps of wood are dusty - very dusty.  I knew I would have a hard time throwing out lots of stuff.   I started by developing a strategy that involved giving my large dust collector system to a friend who has a large dump trailer.  My idea was that without the dust collector system I would not start any wood projects,  Plus, I could borrow the dump trailer to take stuff to the dump.  Everything got off to a good start.  However, there exists a predetermined order of what happens when one decides to clean and get rid of stuff.  This is that order, as I have discovered:

1.  As you sort you want to keep everything.
2.  After deciding that you cannot keep everything you do start selecting some things to get rid of.
3.  As time goes by, you decide on more and more stuff to dispose of.
4.  Lunch time, and you loose the "groove" by the time you return to the clean up.
5.  The worse case scenario is that after lunch you begin to go through the throw away pile and return stuff to the keep pile.

Oh well! Back to get into the groove again......I keep telling myself that it will be worth it.  You have to visualize that "shop" area becoming a quilt making area.


Holee said...

I see nothing I'd throw away. Maybe it would be easier to just use all that extra wood to build on an extension to the wood shop for the quilting machine...Maybe we're just hoarders Tom.

Tom H said...

Hollee, There! you went and said it---HOARDERS, Collectors, junkers, etc. All true, but we're NOT wasteful!