Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Christmas Ark

Another Noah's Ark ready for pick up. The buyer called and said she would be in the area, so she would pick up this Ark that is a Christmas present for her girls. She said I should have the Ark and animals in a box, because she'd have the girls with her. This one is 22 inches long, and unlike the previous one, has painted animals. Two more to go!


Marcia said...

Thats a beautiful set there Tom! I'll bet those children will play with it alot.


Holee said...

But, but..where are my favorite..the skunks? I'm glad to see some families gifting toys that we use to have, made of good solid wood.

It reminds me of my dad's stories about how he sat in the basement making my first doll house and furniture and a tow truck for my brother the Christmas of 1941/ metal toys because it was used for the war.

As long as people like you keep making these wonderful things the art will stay alive.