Friday, December 4, 2009

Noah's Art - Almost Done!

Here's an update on the Noah's Ark commission. Earlier I posted a rough layout of the Ark, and asked for suggestions as to whether to paint the animals or finish them with stains. I took the advice of those of you who answered my plea. No paint, but some way to show the spots and stripes. This Ark piece is 76 inches wide, and is designed to be placed over a set of double doors in a family room. The Ark itself must be finished, and the animals will receive various shades of stain. And the Giraffes must get their spots. The mountains and hills in the background have been stained, but need their final coat of finish.

It happens every year! Christmas is on the 25th of December. Each year I swear I'll not get bogged down with stuff to finish by Christmas. But each year I do get bogged down. I think it's because of the new math and the way it causes the number of days between Thanksgiving and Christmas to be less and less as each year goes by. At least it seems that way.


Marcia said...

WOW... nice work going on there! Will you be putting one of Noah's sons in the doorway with a staff guiding the animals in? Will there be the rest of the family on top keeping count? :D

It would be so fun to keep making animals to go around the room on a strip of wood going around the room to the Ark.


Tom H said...

Where this Ark is going is already over run with them. Serious collector. This is a surprize for Christmas, from her husband.

He wants more animals, but no more room on this piece; except on the deck.

diy said...

You'll get it done on time.

Holee said...

It's wonderful! I hear ya. My little sewing room is lined with bags for the nursing home in the process of getting filled, kids pillow cases ready to ship (thanks to you and Tracy), swap boxes and this year we added mini trees that I still need to decorate, again thanks to you, some will have some interesting Santa's and animals.Just keep saying..I will get done..I will get done..