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Monday, December 7, 2009

Gnomey's Heading South!

Just too much on all of our plates at this time of year. Gnomey's bailin out to warmer climes. I wish I could too. This is the note that will be left for the Flower girls. Now I gotta find some appropriate Christmas gifts that Gnomey can give to the girls. Some how I don't think gift cards would cut it.


diy said...

Has GNommie got room for a wee auld Scotsman?

Its not easy to keep a story like that up. I'd my grandson convinced Alice lived down our heating vent. We kept that going up for a year before I ran out of story lines. It had already cost usa smll fortune on sweets for Alice.
Daft, yes but fun.

He's 17 years old now and does n't believe a word I say.!

Holee said...

awwww, I'll miss Gnomey! Maybe he could put some sunflowers seeds in a sack for the girls to plant in the he'll have flowers when he gets back in the spring!

Tom H said...

Actually I will be going to Fl. for 5 weeks in March. I suspect we'll run into Gnomey while we're down there. And of course the girls will have to be kept informed..