Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mark Akers - Santa Ornament

As Christmas approaches, and the year is about to end, I'll take this opportunity to share some great wood carvings with you all. This Santa is 5 inch hand carved tree ornament. This super carving is a gift from Mark Akers of South Carolina. Mark is an award winning wood carver, who as you can see carves an absolutely wonderful Santa. Mark also carves Santa in various different poses. As nice as this Santa looks in photo, you cannot believe how nice it is in hand. I had the opportuntiy to meet Mark and his wife at the Dayton wood carving show this year.

1 comment:

carl said...

That is a great looking ornament.

It's good to have people like Mark around!!
Also thank you and the others who have these carving blogs.
Carl, western, Pa.