Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Computers Make Me Stupid!

I hate computers! I really hate computers! And computers hate me too!

I have just spent all day trying to install a router so I can use my new laptop in the wireless mode. When I purchased the router, I asked if there were any tricks to installing it. The computer guy said no, it's simple, any body can do it, just put the disk in and be sure to follow every step. Which I did, but the disk contained the most sorry written instructions that I've ever seen. Now keep in mind, that I spent 20 years developing, documenting, and writing instructions for the set up and operation of technical machinery and equipment systems. The info on the disk assumes that the person installing the router is a whole lot more computer literate than I am. Got the router installed, but lost all ability to connect to the Internet. Reinstalled the router, still no Internet! This is probably good since the new laptop has WINDOWS 7, which is not compatible to the WINDOWS ONE CARE Security that I have installed on the desktop. Uninstalled everything, and now my desktop takes way too long to connect to the Internet.

Tomorrow morning I'll check with the local daycare center, for a four year old to give me a hand.


Tracy said...

call geek squad

Ducky said...

You're best bet would be to setup the router according to the instructions, then call your Internet provider for further details on setting up the connectivity. Each ISP can have a different IP and DHCP configuration.

Tom H said...

I can see it now! A $50 router and a $150 installation cost.....I may try what Ducky suggests, at least first.......But then again ISP, IP, DHCP. I only can translate IP to Internet Provider. There's little hope for me; I know.

Tracy said...

call geek squad...a little pricey but will fix everything quickly and you'll get a they can fix any other issues computer is having!

Willow Lake Stitches said...


So glad I stumbled upon your blog ! Very interesting reading, and you are doing so many of the things that I am ( or would like to ! ) I am currently concentrating on my bluegrass music ( am in a little band ), and quilting, but I love gnomes and I should be finding time to carve, as I have all the tools and many books ! Maybe your blog is just the catalyst to continue with that.

Love your gnome carving. . . and all my gnomes wanted in from the garden on the first snow too !

Best of luck with your computer woes. Stop by and visit my blog sometime. Maybe I will get some carving done and post in the future ( I hope ! )