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Friday, January 8, 2010

Computer Problems Solved - Hopefully!

For the past week my computer has been up and down, on and off, and fast and slow. For Christmas I got a Lap Top, and purchased a router for wireless; which I installed. That's when the problems started. I tried to find out what was going on, but was soon overwhelmed. During this process I made quite a few new friends in call centers in Bombay. Nothing we did worked. Everything was intermittent. Finally bit the bullet and called a pro. He came out and reinstalled the router and checked everything out. Gosh, everything checked out. Lots of $$$$ later the same problems. I called the pro back and he logged into my system and ran all sorts of stuff and told me that everything we had done checks out. The problem is somewhere between the system and the pole outside. He told me to called Time Warner and tell them that my modem was bad. This I did, and while talking to Time Warner, they kept saying, "you still there"! Next they said "you got a problem, we'll send a technician".

Cable company technician just left! This is what he did, in the order that he did it:

1. Run a upload and down load speed check. Result: Good, Good, Good, Bad!
2. Replaced modem.
3. Run speed check....same results!
4. Replace inside cables.
5. Run speed test.....same results!
6. Replace cable splitter
7. Run speed test......same results!
8. Replace all out side at the house connectors.
9. Run speed test......same results!
10. Climb pole in 16 degree weather and snow storm. To check connections up there.
11. Called down to me, "damn squirrels been chewin on the cable"
12. Replace all out side cable with no splices.
13. Stated to me that he didn't need to run a speed test, it's fixed.
14. Told me to shoot the damn squirrel.



Tina said...

crossing my fingers for you!

Hal in Seattle said...

They did the same thing to the wiring in my Daughters Mini Cooper, probably cost the same as your problems (hopefully not)To bad insurance woudn't cover it ? So hows Quigley going ? i watched the movie last night, loved it. I sure Hope Ol Thomp comes out of this ok and gets Better, he's in our PRAYERS.

Tom H said...

Quigley is giving me more problems than he should. Heads too small, hats to big, shoulders to narrow. If it's not one thing, it's all things. Good thing I'm doin him real small.

Did talk to Thomp for a few minutes last night. Really weak, but a bit bwtter. Thanks for your concern.

Tracy said...

maybe you should look into feeding the squirrels more.....

Tom H said...

Squirrels are varmints! The answer is LEAD!