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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hangin With Your Friends!

Every day, I am reminded of how fragile we all are. Every day, I am reminded how lucky I am.
There are disasters all around the world, some man made, some natures way. We all have friends who are sick and ailing. We all have friends who have passed on. Right now I have a woodcarving friend that I have never met out side the computer and the Internet, plus telephone calls. He's sick, very sick. The kind of sick that you don't recover from. I still talk to him a few minutes each day. We talk until the cell phone gets too heavy to hold. I try to lift his spirits. I talk to his wife too. She's overwhelmed. I try to lift her spirits too. But I don't know how much good I can do. I get off the telephone and all I can think is how grateful I am.

I have friends at the Senior Center who sometimes aren't there, and I wonder if they're traveling, sick, or may have passed on. Some have passed on, and some are now in Florida, some are sick, and some are in the hospital recovering. I guess this kinda goes with the territory, when you're old and hang with those of your own age.


Tracy said...

such is the burden of one who cares....

Ducky said...

I work in a nursing home and see people I love everyday losing their battle with mortality, but taking that step towards the heavens where they will no longer need these frail forms. My prayers go out to your friend; and you for being there for him and his wife.

Holee said...

That phone call may not seem like much when you want to do more, but I can tell you that a phone call may be the bright spot of the day, the few moments in time when your mind goes away from the pain and hangs onto the words of a friend.

Great stuff to have friends.