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Monday, January 18, 2010

A Tea & Honey Sick Snuggley

Just what is a "Tea & Honey Sick Snuggley"? It's a little lap guilt that should make a sick little girl feel a bit better.

I recently acquired a small stash of frog fabric, from the Senior Center, where I help teach a quilting class. The stash was donated for the class, but no one wanted it so I decided I could put it to good use. Yesterday one of the Flower girls got sick, and her mom said that the only thing that would satisfy, was some warm tea laced with honey, but she'd run out of honey. Well, the next time one of the girls gets sick I'll be ready with more than some honey.

I started making a lap quilt with some of the frog fabric. I happen to know, both girls are partial to frogs and any other creepy crawly creatures. I decided on a Square-in-a-Square pattern. A very simple pattern to make, and to assemble.

1 comment:

Marcia said...

Its a cute lil lap quilt..

Umm...*hand on forehead * I'm not feeling soo gooooood.... *grin*